Tallwood Registration

 Kid Wearing Cap.pngWelcome to Tallwood Elementary School, home of the Timberwolves!
We are excited to have you have you and your student join our Tallwood family. Please sign up for a registration time using this link. 

To ensure we make the best use of your time, prior to coming, please complete the online registration using this link: Online Registration
If you are unable to complete the online registration at home, a laptop will be provided for you at the school. 

What do I bring to register my child? 

Please note, you will need the following documents: 
  • Please bring the appropriate completed forms:
  • Kindergarteners: TWES_Kindergarten Forms (2).pdf
  • 1st-5th Grade: TWES Grades 1 - 5 Forms.pdf
  • two proofs of residence/address (lease agreement/mortgage statement and current gas, electric, or water bills) 
  • certified birth certificate
  • physical examination report  ( Virginia Form MCH213GForm.pdf  dated within 12 months prior to starting kindergarten)
  • current immunizations records (verified on Va. Form above, public health department form or an immunization document from a qualifid physician or licensed nurse practioner) 
  • two current emergency contact phone numbers
  • completed registration forms 
  • If you do not have these documents, please bring what you have. Below is a list of immunization requirements: 

    Virginia Required Immunizations
  • DPT- A minimum of four doses, with at least one dose administered on or after the child's fourth birthday. 
  • Polio- A minimum of four doses, with at least one dose administered on or after the child's fourth birthday.
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) requirements: 
  • Measles (Rubeola) -Two doses of the Measles (Rubeola) vaccine are required for all students enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12. The first dose must have been at age 12. The first dose must have been at age 12 months or older; the second dose no sooner than one month after the first dose. 
  • Rubella- A minimum of one dose of each adminstered at 12 months or older. This is usually given in combination with Measles (Rubeola) as the MMR vaccine. 
  • Mumps- Two doses of the the mumps vaccine is required before entering kindergarten. This is usually administered in combination witht the Measles (Rubeola) as the MMR vaccine. 
  • Hepatitis B- A series of three vaccines are required before entering kindergarten(effective March 3, 2010) unless a history of chickenpox disease or lab tests are provided by a qualified physician or licensed nurse practioner. 

    We look forward to serving you!
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